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Comedy Central Tour
   with Dave Attell, Lewis Black, Mitch Hedberg  -  Portland, OR
U.S. Dept. of Defense    -  South Korea and Japan
Hollywood Improv  -  Los Angeles, CA
Ice House   -   Pasadena, CA
The Punchline  -   San Francisco and Sacramento, CA & Boise, ID
Helium Comedy Club   -  Portland, OR and Philadelphia, PA
Comedy Underground    Seattle and Tacoma, WA
Zanies  -  Chicago, IL
Wits End  -   Denver, CO
Crackers  -  Indianapolis, IN
Yuk Yuk’s Canada   -   Alberta, Sask. and British Columbia Canada
Skyline Comedy Cafe  -   Appleton, WI
Comedy on State St   -   Madison, WI
Brew Haha   -   Grand Rapids, SD
Hijinx   -   Boise, ID
Laff’s     -  Tucson, AZ
Go Bananas    -   Cincinnati, OH
College of the Redwoods   -  Eureka, CA
Marist High School Grad Night  -  Eugene, OR
One-nighters in small towns  -  Ad Nauseum          
American Cancer Society   -  Corporate party   
Microsoft   -   Corporate party
Apollo Steel   -   Corporate party
Bob and Tom Show   -  National Radio
SiriusXM Radio  -  National Radio
*Runner Up, 2012 Ventura Comedy Festival
*Finalist, 2010 Seattle International Comedy Competition
*Semi-finalist, 2008 San Francisco International Comedy Competition

The only child of an original Valley Girl and a Midwestern jazz drummer, Dax has cornered that unique Beatnik/Mallrat/Trekkie demographic.  Raised on the fruits of the 80’s standup explosion, his early exposure to everything from Stan Freberg to George Carlin have ingrained in him a wide variety of styles and perspectives.  Often the devil’s advocate, but obviously opinionated, he makes his statement by asking questions people are afraid to answer. An ability to tailor the act to crowds from Catholic High School grad parties to lumberjack bars in rural Idaho to hipsters in downtown Seattle has allowed him to take advantage of every opportunity to come his way, including writing jokes for Senator Ron Wyden (D-Or).  He has also appeared in several films and television programs seen internationally.

“Not just great…Brilliant.”
   -Eddie Brill, ‘Late Show’ Booker


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