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The Case of the Comedy Campouts

Client: Comedy Campout

Creating Comedy in Nature: Dax Jordan, as the co-producer of Comedy Campout, undertakes the exhilarating challenge of crafting an environment at outdoor festivals set in the woods and deserts around Los Angeles. The goal is to provide comedians and sketch actors with an opportunity to succeed without distractions, allowing them to unleash their creativity in the great outdoors.

Unique Performance Space: Performers at Comedy Campout travel 90 minutes into a makeshift campground, a playland of performance stages and interactive installations. This unconventional setting presents numerous challenges. Miscalculations, both big and small, could undermine the shows, leaving audiences and performers with less than a stellar experience.

Unveiling the Fun: The primary aim is to establish self-contained spaces within the outdoor festival environment where performers can shine and be heard above the various distractions. This not only benefits the artists but also caters to an audience eager to immerse themselves in the party-like atmosphere.

Tackling Nature's Challenges: Nature brings its own set of variables, including unpredictable weather, power limitations, background noise, pesky bugs, unexpected lineup changes, staffing challenges, and the constant struggle of keeping equipment clean in the wild. Additionally, dealing with an audience often in high spirits, shall we say, further adds to the complexity.

The Art of Preparation: Dax Jordan's approach involves extensive preparation and resource collection. Every stage is equipped with the essentials of entertainment, with multiple backups and contingency plans in place. A key factor for success is the ability to adapt and improvise on the spot.

Half a Decade of Laughter: The result of this dedication and meticulous planning is five years of a popular festival. Dax's commitment to creating a fun, engaging, and distraction-free outdoor comedy experience has resonated with audiences and performers alike.

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